Forest School: 

  • School Grounds

  • Outings & Excursions

Gardening Sessions:

  • Food Growing

  • Gardening for Wildlife


Nature Walks:

  • Foraging

  • Plant ID

  • WIldlife Spotting


After-School Clubs:

  • Forest School

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Gardening


Outdoor Cooking:

  • Pizza Oven

  • Grow, Cook, Eat

Land Art

  • Art in the Landscape

  • Nature Crafts 


Learning Outside of the Classroom

“The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky”

Margaret McMillan

Dig & Delve offers a range of outdoor learning and play experiences to schools and youth groups.  From one-off workshops to ongoing programmes, we tailor each session to meet the needs and requirements of each group, ranging from sessions that support the national curriculum framework, through to those which are entirely child-led play experiences.

With all our activities safety is paramount.  We ensure that all our staff are suitably trained, activities are risk/benefit assessed and covered by our insurance.  

Forest School

Sessions provided on school grounds or nearby woodland settings.

Forest school sessions are led by a trained Level 3 Forest School Practitioner.

It is understood that for the full-benefits of forest school to be appreciated, children need to attend regular (weekly) sessions over a period of at least 6 weeks,

Forest School has been shown to help children with:​

  • Self-regulation, including managing emotions and risky behaviour

  • Physical stamina and wellbeing​

  • Confidence and communication skills 

  • Concentration


Growing food provides children with an understanding of where food comes from, how plants grow, as well as healthy, fresh veg to eat.  Many children find they enjoy the taste of food that they would usually not try, if they have grown and picked it themselves.

Growing flowers alongside food is a good way of helping pollinators, and also helps brighten up school grounds.  

We are able to design and construct growing areas, such as raised beds and pizza patches. 


We can lead nature walks of differing distances, covering different themes, including foraging, plant ID and wildlife spotting.  All walks are tailored to the age, interest and prior-knowledge of the group. 

After-School Clubs

Depending upon requirements, we can run clubs that focus upon a range of activities, including: forest school, arts & crafts, and gardening.

Outdoor Cooking

Either as a one-off treat, or as a regular activity, we are able to help plan, prepare and coordinate cooking projects with small groups of children.  Pizzas, soups & stews, puddings, bread and much more can all be cooked outside.


Land Art

All our land art activities reflect the seasons, location, topic, individuals, materials and spirit of the moment.  The sessions are very much more about the process than the final outcome, as we explore and develop creativity, concepts, mediums and a connection with the landscape in a nurturing and non-judgemental way.


We can help design, construct and maintain the following projects:

  • bug hotels

  • willow domes

  • wildflower areas 

  • orchards

  • raised beds

  • pizza patches

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