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Discover Develop Delight Dig Delve Outdoor Play Forest School

Our Values

What we do

We endeavour to:

- Promote environmental sustainability

-  Be participant-led

- Develop positive relationships

- Be professional

- Encourage creativity & imagination

- Create a nurturing setting 

- Nurture the process of learning

- Value reflection 

Who We Work With 

Primary Schools

Youth Groups


Toddler Groups

Private parties

Community Groups

City Farms


Dig & Delve provides individuals with opportunities to connect to nature through outdoor learning, play and creative engagement

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Our Methods

We utilise play-based and participant-led models of learning to promote engagement and development. We facilitate learning that is hands on and experiential in nature.  We use stories and songs to engage the imagination.  We provide a space for  reflection throughout our sessions. 

Our Vision

To facilitate enjoyable outdoor experiences, enabling people to:

- develop skills, knowledge and interests;

- discover their physical and emotional strengths and abilities; 

- delight  in   nature   and connecting with the elements. 

Our Activities

Forest School 

Food Growing

Wildlife Conservation

Grounds Design

Flower Growing

Nature Crafts

Land Art

Story Telling

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