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Let the Blogging Commence...

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Welcome to the start of a brand new experience for me - online blogging. The plan is to fill these pages with activities, crafts, games and ideas for nature-based projects that I run with different groups.

Useful resourceIf all goes to plan this blog will become a useful resource to which I can return in future weeks, months and years, enabling me to recall activities that worked (or didn't work), things that were enjoyable and effective, activities which relate to the seasons and time of the year, and other general tips and ideas on how to keep participants "edutained" (my new word of the day, that I picked up from a professional blogger - and the person who inspired me to start this project) .

Hopefully this blog will also become a useful source of ideas that other Forest School practitioners, school gardeners, outdoor play workers, primary school teachers, scout leaders, and anyone with an interest in helping engage children with nature and the outdoors can dip into and enjoy.

Let me know what you think

As a newbie to this blogging malarky, I'd really appreciate any feedback about what and you thoughts are on the activities and ideas, particularly if you try any of the activities, games, crafts or approaches with your children.

Wish me luck!

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